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1. Create a clean grid system and implement a responsive design.
2. Use a variable-width layout for the auto implementation of different resolutions and types of devices: mobile phones, portrait and landscape format, Tablets and PCs with a low and high resolution (widescreen). Adjusting the width of the columns automatically.
3. The target user is Garrett McKenzie, a 34-year-old college graduate and former mortgage broker who is preparing to start his own business. An avid cyclist, he is excited about opening a bike shop. He’s seeking conventional financing through a local bank. This is Garrett’s first experience with business planning.


Rebranding, art direction, user interface design. The concept: 1.Playful experience and friendly shapes. 2.Real people, real needs, we are looking for authenticity and individuality rather than perfection. 3.Use of images as a mirror to consumers to reflect real lives and common people. 4.Introducing circles for stand out the pre-paid annual pricing plan with a friendly collection of fresh images of people doing business and being help by online service plan.